8/3/2013 Bear Skin
Man in the Box (7.0MB)
Space Lord (6.4MB)

6/18/2011 Pete's Place
Boots On (3.7MB)

6/11/2011 Bear Skin
3 A.M. (5.3MB)

5/28/2011 Crystal Lounge
Home (6.1MB)
Main Street (5.6MB)

3/26/2011 Bear Skin
Born to Be Wild (5.5MB)

1/29/2011 Pete's Place
Start Me Up (5.2MB)
Her Strut (4.6MB)

older stuff
Every Rose Has Its Thorn (4.2MB)
Not Meant to Be (3.4MB)
Paralyzer (3.2MB)
Hurts So Good (3.5MB)

All recordings are for demonstration purposes only and are not to be duplicated, distributed, sold or used to get out of buying our CD if and when it ever becomes available. (c'mon, people, that's a funny ha-ha!) All recordings are digitally recorded in stereo directly from the mixing console at live gigs with no additional studio gimmickry to enhance the performance (mangling during MP3 conversion notwithstanding). Some recordings may be edited for brevity. All compositions are the property of their respective composers and/or publishers.